Core business:

The Empower Factory is an expertise and consulting agency specialized in self-management and empowerment. Think of: Resilience, self-guidance, authenticity, willpower, independence, inner leadership or personal branding. Together with our customers, we co-create effective and affordable programs that are designed to get the very best out of people and organizations. Self-guidance and self-management are the perfect starting points.


The Empower Factory brings out the best in people and organizations. We offer our clients all the tools needed to control life independently and to make their own choices in the areas of employment, housing, health, income, relationships and personal branding. The Empower Factory makes people stronger, more independent and happier.


We can do a lot more than we think. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who are really in a position to get the best out of themselves. We are often primarily concerned with others and are too little in touch with ourselves. If other people make decisions for you, you are no longer being true to yourself and this always results in setbacks or disappointments. You are the only person in the world who can change that. Pushing your life in the right direction again – where you want to go. How? By choosing for yourself again. To achieve this, you need to make changes and say goodbye to ingrained habits and beliefs. It’s now the time you step out of your comfort zone and regain control and start making choices which really suit you. Scary, you say? At The Empower Factory, we got your back. That is why we guide you with successful custom programs. At The Empower Factory, you are never alone.


In our ‘factory’, we combine proven effective services and products and integrate them in custom personal programs. We do this for both individuals and businesses and always combined. We zoom in on you and we check what you need to make any changes permanent. Of course, we work exclusively with certified suppliers. Our programs always contain various building blocks and we address both physical and mental health. We use educational programs, technologies and special revitalization travels.


The essence of our approach is experience, confrontation, inspiration and happiness. We do this with boot camps, survival expeditions in teams, special coaching styles, hotspotting and the new generation of mobile devices that can be worn on the body. On the page Building Blocks, you will find a selection of our programs. Our approach is not a therapy or treatment. We use active and refreshing methods to help you (re)think in challenges and to deal with restrictions positively. Sometimes solo, sometimes in groups of up to three participants. All professionals who work for The Empower Factory, want our customers to have a better life. That is why you receive a lot of personal attention from us with a high dose of humor.


We understand that behavioral changes do not happen overnight. That is why our programs last between 6 to 18 months. In practice, this amounts to an investment of an average of three hours per week under supervision, on-site or remote. This allows us to monitor behavior, to redirect and to adapt, where necessary. We bring our services in or as close as possible to your house and/or work environment. Our support is largely face-to-face, but we also make use of modern communication techniques.

Building Blocks

Physical Factory

Scientific research shows that all performances improve when the body is in good condition. Being fit increases independence, self-confidence, self-esteem and perseverance and prevents diseases and decline. That is why we select the best services and products in the field of physical fitness in the Physical Factory. Think of various personal trainings and advice on food, supplements, lifestyle, sleep, massage, healthy air, (sun) light, detoxification or immune system amplifiers. Boot camps, survivals or training sessions on the work floor can also be a part of this.

Mental Factory

Mental fitness equals mental resilience. Increasing mental strength can be achieved through special coaching methods or mental energizers, supported by training in a problem-solving way of thinking and fueling emotional intelligence or resilience. Getting the best out of yourself also means forgetting old patterns of thinking and acting. Instead, we offer new self-management strategies and remove obstacles. The result: creative and fresh ways of thinking and doing, even in the event of restrictions and setbacks.

Techno Factory

Measuring is knowing and knowing is the beginning of awareness. We make use of technology that people really helps. For example, technology that warns when people start falling, hyper ventilating, getting lost or having a panic attack. Technology that contributes to self-management and enables people to intervene themselves, thereby preventing them getting into worse situations. We can do this, for example, with different smartphone self-management applications, smart watches, fit-trackers, medical and healthcare apps and tele- or video guidance. In that way, you are never alone and you keep in touch with your supervisors.

Education Factory

Trailing knowledge or the absence of the right skills impede the daily operation in people’s lives. Education is therefore important. Think of health-promoting training, insight into financial planning, but also educational games for children with behavioral disorders. We mostly offer knowledge education in an online environment. The unlearning of old habits and the learning of new skills is always done face-to-face.

Revitalize Factory

Sometimes it is important to get away from it all. We take you to a lovely relaxing place, with an oasis of peace and tranquility of the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature and complete privacy. Destressing, relaxation, detoxification and finding the balance between body and mind, are the key elements here. Prior to the trip, we will create a program with you to combine wellbeing and relaxation with exercise, coaching and training, provided by life coaches and personal trainers who will join you on your (discovery) travel.


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